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Thankful For a Runny Nose??

Today I’m blowing my nose a lot! And sneezing. A lot. You know, the common cold is setting in. It’s Friday and I have the typical symptoms coming on…headache, brain fog, and yeah…lots of sneezing and the eternal runny nose. You might wonder how a beginning like this has ended up on the gratitude tab. Well, I will tell you.

It’s all about attitude. You’ve heard it a million times… have an attitude of gratitude and it will change your world. I have been putting this into practice, forcefully, for over five years now and it has completely changed my outlook, perception, and ability to enjoy life more fully.

For a couple months now I have been wanting to write letters to some of my out-of-town friends and family, and have really been wanting to finish a couple of books I had started. But, I have been so busy, and frankly, have not put either of those things at the top of my priority list. However, it’s Friday and I’m sick, and in unusual fashion, I have nothing on my calendar for the weekend. There’s food in the house, coffee ready for the Bialetti and I will be snuggled in, resting, writing, and reading. I’m thankful to be sick because this is slowing me down to really do some things I have wanted to do, and the sense of accomplishment (and investment in others) is going to feel great.

I live in San Diego, so on the weekends, in this always-beautiful-by-the-beach city, I’m usually out being very active and don’t take the time to do some of these types of important things that would keep me inside.

It's January 31st and it was 70 degrees in that beautiful sunshine today. I’m so thankful to live in a place where the weather is part of my healing, and huge catalyst for my self-care in staying healthy mind, body, soul and spirit. Tomorrow is February 1st and will be 77 degrees. So! After I spend some time inside, I will be walking a block to the beach to sit in that gorgeous sunshine and read my book. My cold will like the sun, my skin will love the warmth, and my soul will be a little more satisfied.

Today I’m thankful to have a cold. 😉 Hachoo! Could you pass me a Kleenex, please?

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