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I went paddling last night for the first time in what seems like months.  What a way to end my long workday, to head out into the water with my board and paddle through smooth, glassy water in the warm sunshine, passing locals on their paddle boards with their dogs on the front of their boards learning to balance.  Everything just lets down.  Nothing else matters, but the Zen of the water.  I sat on my board for a while in Goff Bay and paddled back in the quiet waters of the harbor sneaking under the low bridge as I lay flat on my board and glided under.  So many oyster shells!  There must have been so many glorious pearls there within my reach!  I could see everything along the rocks under that little bridge.  Black fishes with white dots, and little crabs clicking their claws as they scurried away once they saw me.  I sat and watched one while it worked meticulously… click click click, with its little claws, feeding off the rock it was sitting on.  A blue heron warned me with his funny noises when I got too close to the sailboat rail he was sitting on.  Seagulls called as I passed by.  “Hello” exchanged to the retired couple sitting on the back of their boat at sunset taking in everything and just relaxing with nothing else they had to do as I paddled back home to my apartment.

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